WHAT IS PILATES? Pilates is a system of physical and psychological conditioning routine that helps build flexibility and coordination, muscle strength, but at the same time it is relaxing, improves concentration and gives a general feeling of wellbeing. Pilates is therefore a BODY & MIND exercise for anyone and everyone. WHEN and WHERE? A course takes place two times a week from beginning of September until the end of May in a gym in Medvode. Individual classes are also available upon agreement with instructor.


Smucanje-Rogla-stadion We organize cross-country skiing courses for beginners, elementary and advanced individual cross-country skiers – individuals and firms. A course may last for a day, more days or for a weekend, depending on the mutual agreement. Course participants may rent the equipment with us at very affordable rates. We adjust to snow conditions and we always choose the nearest location with the optimal training/snow conditions. We would like to inform all interested cross-country skiers that we are accepting written and mobile registrations for a course until the capacities are fully filled in. A one-day course costs EUR 30-35, provided that there are at least six participants. We can organize a transportation of participants to the course venue (the venue is chosen depending on snow conditions). A course takes place as soon as snow conditions allow us to do that and a date of the course is agreed after six participants, at a minimum, have registered.


We organize one-day courses of alpine skiing for beginners and basic skiers, for both children and adults. We do not rent out equipment, but we can advise you on that and we can arrange the transportation.


We organize courses of windsurfing for beginners, elementary and advanced windsurfers. Jadranje


We organize trekking trips in medium and high mountain region with different difficulty levels.


We organize cycling trips and tours with different difficulty levels for individuals and groups. We offer transportation of bicycles and a car entourage. cycling tours


We offer a service of organising all day sport activities. Depending on our agreement we can arrange a selection of suitable locations with a desired sport activity, select the most favourable transport provider, book the transfer, coordinate departures and arrivals schedules and announce a group of people.