Caravan Transport

Vleka-PrikoliceOur experienced driver has a driving license with an EkB category for driving all sorts of vacation caravans and he safely delivers your caravan to a location of your choice. This is the ideal way for you to avoid committing an offence because of surpassing a combined maximum weight of a vehicle and a trailer (3500 kilos). We can also set up a caravan so that you can start enjoying your holiday as soon you arrive at a desired destination. In addition to selling and advising when purchasing new Tabbert caravans, we also advise you when purchasing second-hand caravans. If you so wish, we can help you with a viewing before purchasing it and we can also organise damaged caravans to get repaired.

We safely deliver boat trailers to a destination of your choice and, if you wish, we can also get your boat in the water. The same applies when you need to move your boat or bring it back home. We can also deliver your boat to an agreed place and pick it up at a different place.

We safely deliver cargo trailers to a destination of your choice. We can also arrange a transportation of your cargo with our cargo trailer with a carrying capacity of 2100 kilos.